The Perfect Human Application is a social networking application that tracks and aggregates the quantity of user interactions made on smart devices and social media accounts in order to generate real-time statistical information on a user’s functioning, or “perfection.” The application puts an emphasis on the quantification of information, behaviors, and interactions, thereby identifying a prevalent theme in contemporary media of emphasizing quantity over quality.

Through an algorithmically calculated Perfect Human Score, the application stresses the ease and importance of sharing 
and comparing these numbers with a greater community of 
users. The numerical scoring allows a user to track his or her progress toward perfection, i.e., a greater (or lesser) quantity than yesterday, as well as metaphorically turning each user into a dynamic set of data. By assessing ideals of success 
and perfection as numbers, the application boasts that 
“users don’t just see how perfect they are, and how perfect 
they can become.”

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