UBIQ: Sound & Subversion
Fine Art Exhibition Catalog, Written and Designed by Sofie Elana Hodara
8 × 10 in, 154 pgs, printed on ProLine Uncoated Paper
Published May 04, 2014

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition Sound & Subversion, organized and curated by Sofie Elana Hodara at the T Gallery, New York, Oct 4 2013 — Jan 13, 2014. It documents the public interventions, or "Soundings," of anonymous sound artist UBIQ. In these spontaneous performances, UBIQ uses existing sound infrastructures to give voice to the familiar sounds of new media technologies—for example, the cell phone ringtone.

UBIQ's work asks us, a collective we, to hear these recognizable sounds (the top 40 of our new media) anew—not as the nagging interruptions of our personal devices, but as symbols of a powerful digital infrastructures we have created.

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